Trabajo personal Personal work

Pizza Day
City Smily
Transiciones al MIctlán / Transitions to Mictlan
Serie personal de NFT's sobre las transiciones del alma en el Mictlán. Dentro de la residencia artística coordinada por DJ Deliria para NFTianguis en 2022.
Flor de Azalea
Personal illustration about the emotions and the poetry behind the song "Flor de azalea", parto of a series of songs about women and expectations.
Ya no se que hacer conmigo...
Illustration for Alice in wonderland international exhibition named "Pais Alicia" in the BUAP university in Puebla, México.
Illustration, Fine Arts, Painting
Model Drawings, part 1
Illustration, Drawing, Painting
Model Drawings, part 2
Model drawings made in different live sessions with many talented models in Mexico City and some from drawing channels.
Illustration, Drawing, Painting
La Llorona
Illustration made from the popular mexican song, La Llorona.
Illustration, Painting, Fine Arts
Alfonsina into the sea
Illustration about the song Alfonsina y el mar.
Illustration, Painting, Fine Arts
Música Líquida
Mi primer exposición personal que se presentó en el Palacio Postal, basada en canciones que me encantan, todo pintado en tinta china y acuarela.
Illustration, Art Direction, Fine Arts
El Recuerdo (Memory)
Personal illustration to honor the memory of those who are gone.
Illustration, Digital Art, Fine Arts
Retratos de los 43 chicos desaparecidos en Ayotzinapa el 26 de Septiembre de 2014 Portraits for the 43 kids gone missing in Ayotzinapa on 26 of September of 2014
Illustration, Drawing, Fine Arts
36 Days of Type 2016
My letters interpreted as Fantastic beasts for the 36 Days Of Type in 2016.
Graphic Design, Illustration, Painting
36 days of type 2015
Excercise for the 36 days of type iniciative.
Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography
Inktober 2015
My inktober watercolors of this year.
Art Direction, Illustration, Painting
Página de novela gráfica
I'm formely in the process of making a csi-fi Graphic Novel with the support of the "Jóvenes creadores" program by FONCA. This is one the pages from the novel made in pencil, watercolour and some digital artwork, thanks for the visit!
Character Design, Fine Arts, Illustration
Hysterical Minds 13: They are among us!
My latest works for the fantastic art collective Hysterical Minds, this tim the pack is called "They are among us", feel free to come by at!
Digital Art, Illustration, Painting
PIeces made for a show in Gurú Gallery in Mexico City!
Crafts, Illustration, Painting
Monsters, demons, ghosts and other bugs.. (watercolors)
These are some personal watercolors, from thoughts and ideas out of the people's faces or attitudes that I see on the street, or somehow always have anoyed me in a repulsive way...
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