Ya no se que hacer conmigo...
Illustration for Alice in wonderland international exhibition named "Pais Alicia" in the BUAP university in Puebla, México.
Tatuaje de Linaje
Illustration for the annual exhibition of the Mexican Association of Illustrators(AMDI) with the theme of Illustrated Identities.
El Recuerdo (Memory)
Personal illustration to honor the memory of those who are gone.
Omaggio, Hysterical minds marzo 2016
Mis piezas para el nuevo Pack del colectivo de artistas Hysterical Minds llamado Omaggio.
My personal illustrations for the Pack "ARKHAIA" made by a talented number of fantasy illustrators part of the collective Hysterical Minds. Visit: www.hystericalminds.com
Tommy the cat, Fletes y Mudanzas!
Illustrations for the collective "Birula Gráfica" in the first grand design event called "Abierto de Diseño Mexicano"
Hysterical Minds 13: They are among us!
My latest works for the fantastic art collective Hysterical Minds, this tim the pack is called "They are among us", feel free to come by at www.hystericalminds.com!
PIeces made for a show in Gurú Gallery in Mexico City!
Pieza creada para la exposición en Galería adictos a la ciudad celebrando el primer aniversario de la revista Time Out atraves de la Asociación Mexicana de Ilustradores.
Hysterical Minds: SUBSTANTIA 2
This is the first of a new series of monster portrais on 3d, modeled on Mudbox and then in Photoshop, I have already painted many of the charachters that I have in watercoor, so I'll only pick a few for this new form and eventually posted them here, hope you like it!
Hysterical Minds: SUBSTANTIA 1
Personal Watercolor!
Hysterical MInds 9: Twisted Essence
My first Illustration for Hysterical minds!
Hysterical MInds 10: Simphony
Illustration for the 10 pack of the art collective Hysterical MInds, called "Simphony"!
Hysterical Minds 11: Empathy
Illustration for the 11th themed web exposition of Hysterical Minds!
Monsters, demons, ghosts and other bugs.. (watercolors)
These are some personal watercolors, from thoughts and ideas out of the people's faces or attitudes that I see on the street, or somehow always have anoyed me in a repulsive way...
El Guerrero y Ganoko
Illustration based on a picture by the Casasola Archive
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